Our ethics

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"Reworking, reusing & reselling perfectly good textiles & accessories not only reduces waste but provides good living. Sustainable Fashion isn't just another trend... Being resourceful is our future"ॐ

Lumoi Jewellery are members of The Ethical Fashion Forums Fellowship 500 "The Ethical Fashion Fellowship will unite 500 pioneering innovators in fashion and sustainability to take the movement to the next level." To find out more about the Ethical Fashion Forum and The Fellowship 500 please visit their website

We are dedicated to reducing waste in the fashion industry, specifically jewellery & accessories. 'Fast Fashion' accessories contribute to a high number of broken earrings & snapped bracelets which unfortunately end up in the bin. It's not that the materials used in these accessories are of inferior quality, they've just been poorly constructed. So we launched our jewellery upcycling service to address this problem.

Look out for our lotus logos! All products featuring the green lotus logo have been handmade using old & unwanted jewellery sent into us using our jewellery upcycling service teamed with some sparkly new components, giving each piece a new lease of life.
We also have a silver lotus logo, any products displaying this logo contain recycled fine silver.

We never produce more than 5 pieces of each design, with most of our lines being one of a kind. We do this to avoid contributing to an already flooded market whilst keeping you safe with the knowledge that they will stand out from the crowd with something truly different.

The handmade process alone has less impact on the environment than machine made, mass produced jewellery. In addition, because our jewellery is completely created by hand within the UK, the air and road transportation is greatly reduced. We don't outsource our designs to overseas manufacturers to maximise profit and we refuse using diamonds and precious gemstones unless of course, they're sent into our jewellery upcycling service .

We package all of our jewellery in up-cycled glass jars that we save from our homes & studio to keep our products as 'green' as possible. The material that covers our jars is up-cycled too, from old textiles! We encourage our customers to be creative & re-use the jars in their homes or place of work, keeping them in circulation for as long as possible.

Our business cards are Up-cycled from used greetings cards, saving paper, ink and energy on printing. When we do run low on old greetings cards we have extra cards printed, on recycled card

All of our paperwork is sent and received electronically where possible. We avoid printing e-mails and documents reducing the waste of ink, paper and energy. Anything we really do have to print is always recycled in the end, along with any paper and card sent to our studio.

We also recycle any scraps & cuttings from our precious metals to avoid waste, putting them back into the cycle where they can be turned into a beautiful piece of jewellery once more.