Lumoi jewellery upcycling service

"Dedicated to reducing waste in the fashion industry, one bead at a time!"

We launched our jewellery upcycling service to help prevent perfectly good materials being thrown away. Everyone has odd earrings or broken pieces that just sit at the bottom of their jewellery box or worse, end up in the bin! We offer a voucher in exchange for any jewellery sent in for upcycling, which you can then spend on, treating yourself to a new piece for your good deed!

All unwanted jewellery sent into us is dismantled & cleaned & checked for damage, ready to be reworked/up-cycled into a brand new design. Keeping perfectly good materials in circulation longer.

Look out for products featuring our Lumoi lotus symbol, these designs have been handmade by combining old with new. Injecting a new lease of life into upcycled materials...

How it works...

Complete the following simple steps to receive your voucher:

  1. Collect all of your unwanted jewellery, odd beads & chain etc (making sure you only raid your own jewellery box)
  2. Complete our simple form below to notify us that you are sending items in & to receive your consignment number.
  3. Wrap each piece of jewellery separately (to avoid tangling) and package well in a sturdy box.
  4. Send your parcel to LUMOI - our address will be provided once you have completed our simple form below (please don't forget to insure your package)
  5. Await contact via e-mail which will contain your voucher. Please then confirm you are happy with the offer. (please confirm within 14 days of receiving the offer)
  6. Treat yourself to a gorgeous new piece of Jewellery from

jewellery we can upcycle

Any jewellery similar to what we have on offer on the website can be upcycled. Here are some examples of things we can upcycle:

Jewellery we cannot upcycle

Ear wires, ear studs, nose studs, body piercing jewellery. Any pieces of jewellery which have been inserted into the skin, for hygiene reasons.

If you're still unsure whether or not we can upcycle your piece and you have the facilities, please e-mail us an image of anything you are unsure about. Alternatively give us a call on 07092 898 317.

Upcycle notification form

Your name:*
Contact Telephone/Mobile:*
Digital Signature:* I have read, understand and adhere to the terms and conditions below

» Read our FAQ's

Q. Is this a “cash for gold” service?

A. No. This is an upcycling service for broken/unwanted jewellery in exchange for a voucher for use at

Q. What if my broken jewellery cannot be upcycled?

A. In the unlikely event of us being unable to re-use your broken/unwanted jewellery, we'll simply return it to you.

Q. Who pays for shipping?

A. Items shipped to Lumoi will be paid for by you. In the unlikely event of you being unhappy with our voucher offer and you want your items returned we will pay for return (Via Royal Mail First Class)

Q. I'm unsure if my jewellery can be upcycled, how can I be sure?

A. Refer to our 'jewellery we can upcycle' & 'jewellery we can't upcycle' sections above to give you a helping hand. If you're still unsure and have the facilities, take a photo of your unwanted/broken jewellery & e-mail it to us at

Q. How long will it take to receive my voucher?

A. You will receive your voucher by e-mail within' 7 days of us receiving your items.

Q. What if I'm not happy with the voucher amount offered?

A. In the unlikely event of you being unhappy with our voucher offer, we will simply return your broken/unwanted jewellery to you.

Q. My voucher is worth more than the piece I want to purchase, can I redeem the difference for use at a later date?

A. Yes you can! We'll send you a new voucher once you have placed your order for the amount you have left to spend.

Q. How long is my voucher valid for?

A. Your voucher is valid for 3 months from date of issue.

» Terms and Conditions

By using the Lumoi upcycling service you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.

1. By using the Lumoi Jewellery service you confirm that -

2. You are completely responsible for cost & shipping arrangements of jewellery sent to Lumoi. We will not be held responsible for any items lost in transit to us.

3. All Jewellery is assessed & valued individually due to the wide range of materials we receive. Items are valued in Sterling Pounds (GBP)

Jewellery is valued based on –

4. Lumoi upcycling vouchers are sent via e-mail to the address provided. All vouchers contain the value of goods sent and a unique upcycling code. Lumoi upcycling vouchers are valid for 3 months from date of issue.

5. Lumoi will not be held responsible for any vouchers not received due to you providing us with the wrong contact details.

6. Lumoi upcycling vouchers are only redeemable on No Cash alternative is available.

7. From date of upcycling voucher issued, you have 14 days to accept or decline the voucher offer. Once accepted Lumoi becomes the rightful owner of items sent in in exchange for your Lumoi Upcycle Voucher. Should you decline we will return the items to you. If we hear nothing from you after 14 days, we will presume you are happy with the voucher amount and the items you sent in will not be returnable. We will however try to contact you for confirmation.

8. Any items returned to you will be shipped via Royal Mail Special delivery & insured to the voucher amount offered to you by Lumoi. International customer will be quoted shipping fees upon return based on Royal Mails standard charges.

9. Lumoi reserved the right to modify these T's & C's with immediate effect and without notification.

10. These Terms & Conditions work in conjunction with out main T's & C's. This agreement is for use with our Upcycling service only.